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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can do several assignments during the same week if you feel it suits you. The new assignment will show up once a week. An email will remind you. If you miss a few weeks, you can for sure make them all in one week. The assignments are based on CBT and when going through such a treatment you probably do an assignment once a week in the order they are presented under "Assignments". The important thing is that you are thinking through what the information in the assignments means to you by answering the questions and trying to do new things in your everyday life or when you have been drinking, compared to what you have done before.
Yes! There is no problem to postpone the program for a week. You will receive a new assignment every week automatically, but you can choose when and in what order you want to do them.
If you have started the program, you will always be able to use it. You may feel that you have forgotten things after a while and want to do it all over again. If you get a relapse, we want you to be able to login and do the treatment again.
We see AAChange as an anonymous way to rehabilitate from your alcohol usage. So yes, we'd say this is a rehab.
It's very hard for us to tell. This is an alcohol treatment Online. Only the one that send email and we have email contact whit can we tell if they suicided or not. They may be on the other side the planet, so we cannot guaranty their words. Like all treatment, in the end it's up to the individual to take action of their life. We will give you the tools, but you have to start use them.
Yes, we are very concerned of over members to be anonymous here on AA Change. We do not keep any names on record and we do not hold any logs that could trace back to you.
Yes, you could. Alcohol and drugs are both addiction. Both treatment can use COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY and relapse prevention. AAchange is made only for alcoholism treatment. In the registration you registrar how many drinks not how many drugs you take.