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effects of alcohol

Long term effects of alcohol in your body

Effects of alcohol

What happens in your body when you drink – both immediately and over time? Increases the risk of illness if you drink alcohol? And what diseases it is in this case about?

Effects of alcohol in the body

The alcohol found in beer, wine and spirits, it`s ethanol and the chemical formula C2H5OH. It is created in the fermentation processes, for example, when the grapes ferment into wine.
The alcohol is physiologically a drug that affects the brain and the rest of the body in different ways – a drug that is allowed in our society with certain limitations. As with other drugs stimulate the brain’s reward center but can also cause damage and create dependency.

The more alcohol you drink, the greater the risk you expose for the body – it is not difficult to realize. But even small amounts in long terms and short terms of alcohol abuse also increases the risk of certain diseases.

Sometimes it is claimed that moderate alcohol may even be good for health. But the truth is that alcohol has too many side effects to be recommended as a medicine. The protective effect of alcohol is furthermore far too uncertain, it only applies to older and only at low consumption. For men
in their 70s, these are at most for a glass of wine per day, and less than half a glass a day for women of the same age. If you are under 40, you get absolutely no health benefits of alcohol.